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I've been playing bass for a little over three years now. I play mostly ska, a little bit of punk, and every so often some funk. Currently I'm in a street punk band that's just in the beginnings.

Ever since I saw the Sterling Bass being used in a local ska band, I knew I had to have one. The way it's low tones were belted out so clearly, and how the punch of the highs almost knocked me out. The looks pulled me in too. Very modern, but with a certain special something. I now own a limited edition Sterling Bass I acquired online for a low $850.

What is there not to like? Everything from the looks, to the crystal clear sound it produces, to the extremely smooth flowing feel of the neck, this bass is awesome. It has a three-way selector switch and three tone knobs to provide endless sound possibilities for all music styles. It feels solid in your hands. The body is also a bit smaller than most basses, making it very convenient to play. It's a good one to jump around with.

In all honestly, I truly love every aspect of this bass. If I were to play the biggest show in the world, and have a choice of any bass I pleased, the Sterling would nail the spot. Anyone contemplating buying a new bass, chuck in a bit extra cash for a Sterling. You will not be disappointed.

Made in the good ole U.S. of A. Everything on this bass is super solid. The neck construction is beautiful. Everything is perfectly straight and feels flawless. Electronics are wonderful as well as all other aspects down to the tuning pegs.

If the supreme being(whom ever that may be in your case) were to choose a bass guitar, the almighty one would request a solid gold Sterling, hands down.

Tony P rated this unit 5 on 2005-11-03.

Purchased at the Music Castle for about $1000.00 because it did everything I would want a bass to do!

I've been wanting a Sterling for a long time and finally took the plunge-Not only is it one of the most comfortable basses to play live or in the studio but it's built like a tank and has a very usable sound palette that covers everything and then some.

this bass is flawless...

Meticulous Ernie Ball construction. I've had the opportunity to visit the factory in San Luis Obispo and am convinced that after working in music retail for over 8 years and seeing/playing everything,that Ernie Ball music man guitars and basses are the most well constucted instruments around and you can't beat the price--- Their instruments are set up perfectly before they leave the factory, the necks are easy to adjust and NEVER go 'left' on you, the Rosewood fretboards are beautiful and the tone availability is stunning...

The Sterling is a workhorse bass--its size and weight make it perfect for not only grueling club gigs but for long studio sessions as well--the thin neck is ultra comfortable with enough space to work a lot of magic on. The 3 band E.Q. and selectable pick up configurations give you a commanding selection of tones to work with that can cover every style and may even inspire you to sell off a few old stand-bys that you once thought "essential" to have for one reason or another....did I mention that the Vintage Sunburst finish is total eye candy and could hold its own next to the most famous of Artist's work??? Forget the "boutique" stuff---buy a Sterling and have enough $ left over to take that trip to Europe you always wanted to go on!

Jeff C rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-06.

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