Ernie Ball Sterling Bass w/ Piezo Reviews 5

Purchased from Bass Central because they had many Sterlings to choose from. Delivered to my door for about $1500. I have been trying out the Sterlings and the Stingray for over a decade. No matter where I try these basses, I always leave the store wishing and wanting to buy one.

This Sterling bass came in natural finish with a maple neck. The electronics is active with a 3 band EQ with a piezo pick up at the bridge. Out of the box, this bass is simply flawless. The finish of the bass is clear gloss. The body had a very figured ash. The guys at Bass Central set it up for me for slapping. The action is very low making it easy to slap this bad boy! How easy? Super Super EASY!!! While the good looks is a plus, the real feature of this bass is the Sound. You want a funky slap bass? This is it. With a 3 band eq, you have many options in the tone department. The pre amp on this bass has a super slap tone that I usually set my EQ on flat. You want a blues walking bass sound? No problem. Blend in the piezo pick up and this bad boy will give you that Sweet Home Chicago Duck Dunn sound. As if that's not enough, Sterlings comes with a pick up selector. Neck setting gives you a fat bottom tone. Middle setting gives you the classic Stingray sound. Bridge position gives you that extra bite on the mid high end and that McCartney punchy growl from Silly Love Songs. The neck is slimmer than the Stingray. It has a jazz feel to it. The back of the neck is tung oil finish to give that smooth velvety feel. The shape of the body makes it very comfortable to wear specially sitting.

I love everything about this bass. However for those looking for an all around bass, the Sterling just like the Stingray leans towards a funky/slap style versus the heavy rock n roll bottom. I would guess those who owns this bass also have another bass for rockin.

The quality of this bass is top notch. If you want this bass with your own choice of colors and options you will have to wait 4 months. I was told MusicMan only makes 60 basses a day. They are hand built.

SLAP SLAP SLAP is what this bass is all about. It is a must have for the bass collector. The price is relatively low compared to the high end basses out there. The sound is equivalent to the over $2000 models. If you are a bassist, you MUST own a Sterling/Stingray at one point in your bass playing days. I simply LOVE this bass!!

T. Ramirez, Chicago IL. rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-03.

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