Ernie Ball Stingray 30th Anniversary Edition Reviews 5

I originally bought this bass to use in my punk band. I tend to veer towards very heavy punk and metal when I play.

I paid 1500 + tax (which is a steal) for this bass.

My favorite thing about this bass is the combination of retro Stingray ideas (body thru stringing, for example) with the modern Stingray we all know.

The main thing I do not like about this unit is the painted neck. THe back of the neck is painted like the rest of the bass, and this makes it more difficult for qucik sliding, etc than the unfinished neck. Also, the rosewood fretboard tends to dry out very quickly when compared to my Warwicks and Fenders when they are all in the same humidity and inside air conditions.

The color of this bass is amazing. A sort of see through crimson on a mahogany body is a combination. Also, the feel of the neck (when not dried out) feels great and gives that zing that Stingrays are known for.

Consider this a Stingray on steriods. It has serious growl that makes a normal Stingrays growl pale by comparison. The Stingray has always felt like a one trick pony type of bass to me, but hey, thats ok. That one trick is GRADE A.

bostonasphalt2 rated this unit 5 on 2007-03-25.

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