Essex Flame Top Jazz Bass copy Reviews 4

Purchased from, for 109.95! Why did I acquire it? Well, I wanted to buy a bass (I normally play guitar, but used to play bass 15 years ago and wanted to get back into it), and I'd read good things about the Essex line on the Harmony-Central forums, so I thought I'd take a chance...

Well, the price, obviously. It turns out to be a lovely bass for three times the price, though. It's nicer than any of the Squiers I tried (both in playability and appearance), and easily the equal of the Mexican Fenders I tried out as well. Besides, it's better-looking.

There isn't really anything I dislike about it.

Solid alder body, maple neck, photoflame top. The neck feels great, with excellent fretwork, and the body finish is flawless. The action is pretty good, and the guitar balances well. Oh, and it came with D'Aquisto strings on it.

Buy one!

Luis A. Cordon rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-19.

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