Essex SJB 62 Reviews 4

With the recommendation of my guitar instructor,I ordered this guitar from Rondo Music. A fellow student ordered an electric and loves it. Both were impressed with the quality and playability. I wanted something for light duty use, without spending a lot of money. This fit the bill at $120.00.

I like the shape and color. The balance control of the pick-ups is nice also. The price would have to be the biggest plus at this point.

I have only had it a week, so it is really too early to say. Nothing yet that I can see. Out of the box, the action is high.

A solid wood guitar, nice paint finish, smooth tuning knobs and pots. I'm pleased.

I had it adjusted, and the action and tone are real nice now. For the money, and for what I am going to use it for, it's money well spent. Should it fall apart next week, I'll be sure to let you know. I had a few questions before I bought this for the guys at Rondo, and the replies were fast and courtious and helpful. A pleasant experience.

Phil rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-19.

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