Esteban 173677 Acoustic Reviews 5

Esteban acoustic guitar was purchased through HSN for $198.95. In the past I played the guitar for many years for my own enjoyment. I saw the ad on HSN and decided to purchase this guitar because it sounded like a good price for a both electric and acoustical guitar.

I liked the trim and the color of the guitar. I liked the guitar because it was handmade. It seemed a good buy.

I was unable to tune the guitar in all the chords. EX, if it tuned in C, D would dischord.

Construction is satifactory for the price. The neck is adjustable, which is good and that wasn't advertised.

In reference to the person who expressed the problem with pegs popping up and put paper under it to stop it. Here is my fix: Loosen up the string, push peg back down,with thumb held the peg down and tightened the stringand that solved the problem

Paul rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-04.

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