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I got it at a Garage Sale for $10. I immeadiatly saw that this guitar was barely worth it.

Nothing, good bottle opener though

The guitar is just awful. I could make one better. It's cheaply made in China, probably for $1 a guitar. Trust me dont be fooled by "handmade" guitar quotes. Trust me anyone one can play like him, i sure can. Dont be fooled by his " Accident " he's just a hobo who knew how to play guitar.


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zep2dc rated this unit 1 on 2004-07-03.

I had seen this Guitar on HSN on TV several times.I bought it through HSN on one of Esteban's monthly one hour shows for $143 plus shippings and Tax.Total delivered was $167.73

I have compared simuliar Guitars at the local music stores but the Esteban package come's with the two VHS Instructional video's,a CD,extra strings,picks,electronic tuner,nice hard case,strap.Esteban's autograf is on the Burswood label inside the body,made in China.I was very surprised at the quality as i figured i'd get what i payed for.Its very nice for the money.After tuning it and playing a few chords i was very happy.I have started the tape one intruction and Esteban is easy to follow on the tape.

The poor video quality of the instruction tape's are my only dislike,its a little blurry.

Compared to the Sonata brands priced from $99 to $149 at the music store this guitar is just as ggod or better.Seems well constrcted,nice finish.The only area i could pick out any flws are the sides of the neck were the frets end,some touch up,but not too noticable.The spruce top and roset design are beutiful.The sound is very nice.

For a package deal for someone wanting to learn with not a lot of expense its a very good deal.It exceeded my expectations when i opened the case and saw it the first time.

James rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-02.

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