Esteban Acoustic Steel String Reviews 3

I got my estaban from hsn for around $100

Gorgeous! So beautiful! I liked the stuff it came with, Dvds gig bag, extra strings and picks

It kind of sounds like there's a "humming' in it. not real bad. Considering what I paid for it. Alot of the reviews I've read made the guitar sound much worse than mine really is. Folks, its $100, not a $2000 Gibson.

Pretty good. No flaws to be found, minus a little, mintue it of paint that got inside the soundhole. Doesn't effect the quality of the sound though.

Not bad for $100. From my expierence with my guitar, 90% if the reviews are too harsh.

chillin_n_siberia rated this unit 3 on 2008-02-19.

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