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I'm a 53 yr old beginner. As all my friends were and are playing the guitar I got the bug. My first guitar was a New York Pro cut a way that I found in a pawn shop. I'm a right hander but my left wrist is fused so playing righty was out of the question so I had the Pro strung up side down so I could play it lefty. Of course by doing so it raised the action but I managed to learn on it. Additional Note: Black acoustic electric w/amp.

The Esteban was a gift of $198.00 The package arrived in 5 days.

First of all the guitar in a whole is absolutely beautiful. Mine has no flaws and plays sweet. As this is my first left handed guitar it was so easy to play. I did change my strings to elixir polyweb light weights. The amp works great. Absolutely no problems with this package. the dvd's are great to work with as well as the instructional manuals. The chord chart is constantly being monitored.

It doesn't sound as well as my friend's Alveraz. But that's like comparing a mercedes to a jeep. I wish it would have came with a guitar stand with the package.

The guitar is well crafted. After tuning it the first couple of times to stretch the strings, I haven't had to tune it. The case is handsome and rugged with plenty of storage space. The amp is great for practicing. I use it quite a lot but I'm not trying to blow the walls off either.

The bottom line is for $198.00 you are getting your money's worth and more. I priced the case alone for $49.95. So for a beginner you can't beat it. Even for an intermediate player it's a good buy. Customer service was great also. I would purchase another Esteban.

A Happy Guitarist rated this unit 5 on 2006-03-12.

My mom got ripped off buying this guitar from one of those Home Shopping Networks. My sister is a Music Therapist and I play the club scene. My mom thought it would be nice to have a guitar for us to play when we come in town. She spent around 200 bucks on a "package valued at over 800 dollars". Hmmmm, now how do you suppose Esteban makes profit? Ohhh, he does, read on.

The only thing this guitar would be good for is firewood. However, only under the most extreme cases such as frostbite, or hypothermia. It's quite possible the fumes from the factory produced garbage could be toxic, and kill you. That's if the sound of the guitar doesn't get to you first.

Hmmmm. Everything for a start. It sounds like a plastic blue Smurf guitar I had when I was 5. For 200 bucks you should get something nice. Instead nothing is right. The words "Quality Musical Instruments" on the inside should not even appear on this unit. Nor should it be called an instrument. This piece is only worthy if you plan on driving (4)-#10 wood screws into it and mounting it on a wall in the middle of a crappy restaurant. Even then, don't expect anyone to ooh and ahh and the shavings from the guitar could give you a splinter.

The fact that someone sells this as a musical instrument should be a crime. The fretboard is painted or stained too dark and is sloppy with spots all over the place. The paint on the neck is everywhere, the tuning knobs are loose, the wood inside the guitar is splintered, the frets have glue coming out of them, the fretboard has curls of plastic coming out, the bridge and pins are cheap, cheap, cheap. The guitar doesn't stay in tune, it can't, it's impossible with the construction.

Don't be fooled into buying this bunch of junk. The accessories and videos are not a deal. Accessories such as pics retail run 25 cents a piece. Strings, 3 bucks a pack, and a cheap strap, less than 15 bucks. Instead, go to your local guitar store, preferably a small, non-chain place, and get something quality. You may end up spending 300 bucks but it's worth it. In the end, I will be writing a letter to HSN and Esteban requesting they refund my mothers money double. The thing is ridiculous and using the words "American Legacy" for a piece of crap made in China is a bigger insult. What they have done isn't just wrong, it should be a crime. DO NOT BUY THIS GUITAR!!!!!!! I'd rather have a frostbitten toe amputated.

Ken rated this unit 1 on 2004-12-30.

I acquired it over the phone, because I was blown away by the pricing and beauty of the guitar & package deal.

The built in EQ is so choice, it makes the guitar truly versitle between accoustic & electric sounds.

There isn't anything wrong with the package. It supplies you with everything you need to get started to learn how to play, plus equipment such as strings, picks, and an excellent hard case.

The quality is amazing, and Esteban is true to his word, otherwise I wouldn't have purchased it.

Without argument one of the best guitars I have ever bought. Great look & excellent sound.

Wm. Hall rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-16.

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