Esteban American Legacy AL-100 Reviews 5

Beginner, play when I can, modern rock/metal.

Got it for a birthday present, believe it was ordered off the television.

The package was great. Came with a very nice case and a beautiful guitar stand. The dvd's and booklets were really helpful and get you to learn some nice classic songs right off the bat. The guitar looks great too, you can tell it's made kind of cheap, but looks nice nonetheless. It is a great acoustic to learn on. The sound is pretty good.

First of all it does not worked when hooked up to the amp. This is not an amp defect, its an issue with the guitar. This wasn't a big deal for me though, because I don't really need to amp it up anyway, but kind of pissed me off. Also, the strings that came with it are pretty heavy, this guitar is kind of hard to play. This can be a good thing though, gets your fingers built up.

Average constuction. It is a very nice design, good to look at. However the internal mic for the amp didn't work on mine. The neck was a little rough but once it got worn a little it is starting to get better.

This is an excellent value for a beginner. If they are still selling these on tv or whatever and you always wanted to learn how to play get this package, its well worth it, extremely convenient. It's a great guitar to learn to play on, might be frustrating at times, but will get you into playing shape.

the number 12 looks like you rated this unit 5 on 2006-05-21.

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