Esteban D-100 American Legacy Acoustic-Electric Reviews 3

I always loved to play guitar but without take any lesson. I used to "play" some Rock and Jazz I stopped to play for many years(25 years) and suddenly changed my mind, and decided to get a new not expensive guitar

I saw the offer on TV, once I watched the black guitar, I felled in love. I ordered it by internet. I paid 200.00 plus shipping. In the package I found the guitar, a case, "amplifier", strings, picks, guitar lessons material and 5 vide

I love the colour of the guitar, the price and the construction. The sound is very good

When I tried to play with the amplifier the sound changed from nice to pretty bad. The EQ and the microphone didnít work. The signal of low battery always was on. The technician told me to replace them for better electronics components. Once He replaced them I got a remarkable guitar. Now the sound is great in acoustic or electric mode

The constuction is great, remember this is not a Gibson or a Ibanez guitar. This is a beginner guitar with a very good sound

If they`re able to change and improve the quality of the electronic parts , I`m pretty sure the American Legacy will be a guitar in the top line

endofiallo rated this unit 3 on 2007-12-25.

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