Esteban EM-509r American Legacy Reviews 4

I acquired this guitar package through Esteban's direct website. I paid $234.90 including shipping and handling.

I am not sure why there is so much bad rap about this guitar. However, I can understand how we can't all be pleased with our purchases. In anticipation of receiving this guitar, I went through the typical buyer's remorse. I wasn't sure if I did the right thing by ordering this guitar from the reviews I read here. However, as I opened the box and began to uncover it, I found a very beautiful guitar. In many ways as beautiful as the more expensive Martin and Fender acoustics. The electronics were tight and the body was with the usual and expected flaws in the wood. The details were in tact and quite attractive. As I began the tuning process, I did experience some misgivings as it didn't stay in tune. But, after going through the expected streaching of the strings, it remained in tune (in the case) over night. I was impressed with it on second look and play. The amplifier was as good as some of the practice amplifiers I have seen on the market. By the way, I have worked in a music store, so I know quality when I see and hear it. It wasn't a Peevey or a Marshall, but it was as good as the included price I paid for it. All in all, I am happy with my acquisition of this guitar and am looking forward to many years of enjoyment with it.

I suppose if I had to look for the downside for this "package" it would be in the accessories that came with it. The guitar strap was designed for someone short, the strings weren't my favorite. I like Martin's Phospher Bronze. But easily remedied. The Amp cable was sort of short and the amp does have some feedback in it. But after playing with the knobs, I finally managed to get all that resolved. Other than that, that's all the negitive press I can come up with.

As I said in my opening comments. This guitar is not a Martin, Gibson and/or Fender. It isn't made out of the best materials that money can buy. However, for the price paid, it compares in eye appeal with the best of them. The guitar has "heft" and feels solid to the hold. The machine head is tight and the guitar stays in tune. So I give this guitar, for the money, an above average review.

While this guitar won't stand up to its more expensive counterparts, I would be proud to play it publically. With the right strings and a strap that fits, I would also jump in with any band and/or individual as a back-up guitarist or as a stand alone soloist. Overall, the buyer's remorse quickly faded and I am glad I bought it.

Charles \"Spirit\" Blakemore rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-22.

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