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i'm writing this in order to help people.Don't buy an esteban guitar.they are the worst made.I've been playing for about 30 years now.been in and out of bands through the years.I have a nice guild guitar.they are the best

got it through HSN which I will never use again.I just wanted an acoustic with a pickup so i could play over amp.this whole thing cost about 230 came with a little 10 watt amp and lesson on how to play fact it looked like it came with everything to start playing guitar you know,picks, cord,strap the whole works.

i like nothing about this except the 10 watt amp

everything,it won't tune,very hard to play,not agood sound.and the workmanship is many flaws and this was sold as a limited edition model.bujt it's crap

nothing lines up right.when I change the string the first time the nut fell off.had to reglue it.the finish is terrible.there is nothing good about this guitar

I just don't want people to buy these products,don't support this con man.He can't even play guitar evry well at all.and same on HSN for selling this lame product.I'll never buy on HSN again.if you want a guitar go to Ebay.get a nice takamine if your begining especially

94 guild rated this unit 1 on 2009-02-05.

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