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The guitar was being sold for about 100 bucks on TV....I scored it for 30 bucks less on an online auction, pretty good deal right?..

Wrong!!! I mean, even for $70, the manufacturers should have put some quality care time into making this instrument. If Esteban likes this thing as much as he says on the infomercial, he must be on mind altering drugs...or perhaps he's never had the chance to play a real guitar before, who knows?

Ok lets see...Well as soon as I opened the box up I noticed a small dent on the top of the guitar and the pick guard was all scratched up as if it had been used before.. It did say 'brand new'... Anyway. The whole thing is cheaply made, the strings are too high off the fretboard which is poorly painted and seems to be "touched up" in some areas with nail polish. The nut looks like its being held on with elmers school glue and may dislodge any second. Ummmm.. oh yea and I had to place a small piece of paper underneath the low E string inbetween the bridge and the peg that holds the string down in order to keep it from buzzing whenever I pluck it.

Poor constuction....With the $70 I probably could've bought the materials and made it myself and put my autograph on it. Too lazy for that though.

The guitar does play music, but for someone who's looking for a quality piece, a local guitar dealer is the way to go. Even for a beginner this guitar is too difficult to play because of the sting height. Do not be fooled by Estebans lame acting on the infomercial...he's just saying its good cause he needs food on his table.

Rich K rated this unit 2 on 2003-11-15.

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