Esteban Steel String Reviews 5

I bought from HSN.I have played others instruments wanted to try Guitar. I paid $143 plus shipping for a unit. Lessons, tuner,extra strings,case and neck strap.

It sounds great. Looks as good as a Taylor. It stays tuned for a long time. More than most of them I have heard about.

I have now purchased a nylon string Guitar. The fret board is widerer and much easier on the fingers. The Esteban Steel string does sound a little better.

Good quality. No flaws that I could find.One review said the strum striker pad was scratched. Well take off the plastic covering.

I read a lot of bad reviews. I bought it anyway. I figured I could send it back within 30 days. All the bad reviews were written with bad english, mispelled words. Didn't bother with proper grammer. I don't trust people who are almost illeriate. For the price, for a newbee player its great. For a experienced player buy a $1000 Taylor

Gary Buehler rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-25.

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