Esteban Steel String Acoustic Guitar 2003 Reviews 3

I am a senior, retired in East Tennessee. I studied music from friends who owned guitars as a child but I could never affort one of my own.. I had to retire before age 62 due to a neurological disease. My wife and I live on a very tight income. I have always wanted a guitar. Unfortunatly due to my disease I could never affort one. Until, The local Good will store advertised a few weeks ago about having real brand new in the box Esteban guitars for $85.00.. They were listing for $97.oo on TV. I asked if we could affort one for my only Christmas gift. We managed to get up enough to get one. I waited in line with about 20 other people hoping to get a guitar. The store opened at non I raced in like a child on crutches.I got one of the first guitars.Wow ! My very own guitar. Boy it was beautiful. I felt like a child again. Brand new never opened.My first brand new guitar ever. I got it home and my wife locked it away for Christmas. A few days ago I couldn't take it any longer. I had to get it. I was thrilled it came with cd's to learn. I plugged the guitar into the amp. and attempted to try. I soon discovered, the electronics in the guitar it self do not work. I asked a friend to bring over his amp and wires as well as look at mine. I'm sad to report. It won't work. I called our Goodwill store. They would have traded out if I'd opened it and brought it back within 5 days. I was over the five days. I called the local guitar store which is 28 miles away, they won't touch an Esteban guitar. Some how, there is no repair center phone number listed that I can call that does not have a recording to press numbers and there is no repair person to ever get back to me. I feel like the child inside me just got a second hand toy. Since we were always poor and had nothing really wonderful as children to look forward to at Christmas this is still how I feel at 66 years old.

Good Will Store Greeneville Tennessee $85.00 new in the box..

It feels and looks beautiful.

The amp in the guitar does not work.

It looks very nice. I love the coral sun design.

I wish there was a person within the business of selling these guitars that could also service the ones that don't work.. nobody here wants to repair them,

Mel rated this unit 3 on 2007-12-10.

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