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i've play guitar since i was 8 yrs old.i had several guitars all different types brand names ie; ovation, takamine,gibson . i had lots of guitars then i got married when i was 30 and sold all my guitars except one.My wife thought gee we could use the money and ,it is what it is. I just turned 52 this past summer 2009.My mom and sister have always been interested in my playing and have purchassed two guitars for me. One of those guitars was the esttaban vintage from an info tv thing on HSN.

the vintage package was 238.00 came with the 10 watt amp,pick ,string ,strap,crap i didn't even use. i bought some silk and steel strings for it but they broke when i try to tune this piece of crap. i switch to steel strings.i have adjusted the trust bar 20 times and was blown away with the melamine (plastic neck).

auh...i use the case for another guitar...auh...i don't have to play it that much. ...the plastic bridge makes me laugh...

it's really not a guitar it's a piece of crap.Estaban should not be permitted to sell his junk on HSN . I should have known better than to trust a guy that wears a stipid hat and sun glasses all the time. I was too lazy to give all the crap back to my sister and sent this back...i should have done that...oh yeah the electric line that runs from the 9volt battery to the brigde pick-up never has worked....i use the amp for my mic to sing through. you can buy 10 watt estaban amp for dirt cheap on 10 bucks. I have an orange one and a black one.

balsa wood with a melamine (platic neck and a plastic bridge. tuning keys are loose and ..this guitar would look swell in a glass cast in a rich persons home....high up so no one could see the plastic neck ...and think it's white pine wood like i did.

Estaban wants to put a guitar in every kids hand for the purpose of learning to play guitar. He should make only little kids size guitars in his china shop...and sell them on seasame street. big bird would love to play this guitar...cookie munster could eat this guitar live on TV ....

R.Craig Hess rated this unit 1 on 2009-11-09.

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