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I bought this guitar from the HSN (or QVC). I paid $109 which included the guitar, pick, 2 sets of strings, a gig-bag, an instruction video, a guitar strap, and the shipping costs.

This was my first guitar, and it was perfect for a true beginner. The guitar stays in-tune and sounded good for my "new" ears. The action has been fine for me, and I recently lowered it.

I have no complaints about my Esteban. Although, since I have grown in my playing abilities beyond this guitar the sound is now thin and hollow. The fretboard is probably painted plywood because the finish on the second fret of the hi E string is now bare wood. I have very short finger nails, but I still managed to wear off the finish on the fret. So, be aware. This guitar is cheaply made, but not so cheap that it is a poor example a guitar. For a true beginner the strings are fine, but others will want to replace the strings ASAP.

Overall, the quality is fine for a sub-$100 guitar. I have banged it on stuff and nicked it, and she has ticken the abuse. I am fairly easy on the guitar, but i've still managed to bump it into things without any real damage.

Since I have not played any other cheapo guitars it is hard to make a comparison. But, I am very glad that I bought this guitar. Were it not for this guitar I would not be playing. I have graduated to better guitars, but I owe Esteban credit for getting me started.

Adam rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-04.

I bought this guitar off of hsn for a goof, mainly because esteban said it was modeled after his 10,000$ guitar. It was 99$ us.

I actually own two of these guitars because the neck of the first one I purchased broke where it connects to the body. HSN sent me a new one. You can tell that both guitars were very different, one having high action, one low. I preferred the first one with the higher action because the second one they sent me buzzed slightly and the B string sounded bad. If you get a decent one, then it will sound good for a 100$ guitar, but if you are a serious/semi-serious student then you will want some thing better that wasnt built by machines/poor luthiers.

The consistency of the manufacturing process is terrible, but like I said, you may get a decent model. For a couple hundred more you can get something used that is much better.


esteban is a good guitarist, but this guitar doesnt sound, look, or feel like anything but a 100$ guitar

Logan rated this unit 2 on 2004-10-18.

I bought this guitar on HSN based on Esteban's selling technique and his word that it was a well-biult guitar.

The color of the face of the guitar was a nice copy of a cedar top but nothing from that point on was worth the money spent.

The guitar is a piece of junk. Sure, I knew it would not be a Ramarez but based on Esteban's word, I expected it to be better than what I received. It came scratched, dented, pourly built, the fret board was a mistake with metal hanging over the edge of the board, the action was terrible with the strings far too high to be of any use and the overall quality was a 1 or less. The finish on the guitar was scourd and had circular scratches and gouges all over it. Everything about this guitar says, send it back (which I will be doing today.

same as above.

If you are thinking of buying this product or any other guitar from Esteban, save you money and buy a used guitar from a music store. You will be more satisfied.

Ron rated this unit 1 on 2003-12-29.

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