Esteban Duende Reviews 5

This guitar is a beautiful medium body nylon string classical that is both acoustic and electric. I've had this guitar approximately two years and consider one of my favorites. After mastering the keyboard, my wife decided that I should learn another instrument and purchased this guitar on HSN as a surprise. I've been playing ever since. Really enjoy it.

This was initially a gift as well as three other Esteban guitars. They include a Burswood nylon string model, a Cellestial Night and Amber Ice, both steel string. These are all wonderful guitars for the price.

I really enjoy the playability, sound, action and appearance of this guitar.

All is good..I didn't like the strings that came on it, so I changed them pretty soon after receiving it and that really improved the sound.

maple neck, spruce top, lindenwood back and sides

Esteban is trying to get guitars into every home with his packages and judging how the quality has improved since the Burswood model...he just may accomplish his goal.

Don B. - Pittsburgh, PA USA rated this unit 5 on 2009-08-25.

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