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Purchased the guitar on HSN for what seemed like a reasonable price of less than $200. It included the guitar with steel strings, amplifier, connecting cords, strap, case, 2 DVD's and 2 matching instructional books. Since I have never played the guitar (only made lame attempts to learn on a $28 acoustical bought in the 60's), the pitch by Esteban seemed to exemplify this guitar as the one to begin on.

At first glance, the guitar appears well made - a nice finish, two-toned colors, and the case (although cloth) is supported within by a hard material. Just plucking the strings seems to provide a nice mellow sound. A glance through the books seems to imply a good buy and nice easy instructions. Once you start getting into the guitar, things begin to reveal.

Knowing nothing about a guitar, I began trying to tune it (by using the DVD instructional video). This is really difficult. Taking a break, I began holding down the 6th string at a fret and plucking the string. Not bad sound. I move my fingers to another fret and 'w-h-a-n-g'''' ... a strange sound evolves. I try another fret and it sounds ok. To another fret and the strange noise again. Then I noticed the little ball pin holding the string has raised a little. I read the instructions, loosen the string and pull out the pin and reinsert it according to the instructins. As I tighten the string, the pin begins popping up. I play this game until finally I get the pin to stay (for the most part). I try and re-tune the 6th string. I play the various frets again...the same thing... certain frets have strange sounds. After researching this site, I found someone else who describes this problem and his resolve was putting a piece of paper at a certain point. Guess I'll try that.

The construction of this unit seems ok... but what do I know??? My forte is computers, not guitars. I rely on the words of honesty from someone appearing on HSN... who by the way I have contacted, and hopefully will hear from before long. Since it has been longer than their 30 day return period (since I finally discovered what is wrong), don't think they will do anything about it... but who knows.. miracles happen!!

After reading the comments from the other person who purchased an Esteban (who had the same problem as I have), it would be interesting to hear from others who have purchased this guitar. Since I discovered your site through a generic search, others may not be able to know what I have discovered, and therefore not be able to tell their story. Oh, by the way.. when I hear back from HSN, will follow up..

Charles rated this unit 1 on 2004-10-04.

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