Esteban American Legacy Guitar Reviews 1

I saw this guitar advertised on tv,so I thought "What the heck I'll buy one.I wanted an acoustic/electric with a decent tone.

I like the finish on the guitar and it does have a decent tone.It came with a nice case and a 10 watt amp(although I mainly play through my Marshall)

The Electronics on this guitar suck.From day one the onboard EQ never worked,the volume control never worked,the tuners are leave something to be desired.I had to do some major work on this guitar just to make it playable.I WILL NOT buy another Esteban guitar ever.

The construction and quality are fine,at first glance.On mine,I noticed nicks in the finish on the on neck.As I said before the electronics on this guitar never worked.The staddle pickup in the bridge never worked.

Anyone who should read this review,DON"T waste your money on this guitar.If you want a decent acoustic/electric buy a Washburn.

Michael Bell rated this unit 1 on 2004-10-08.

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