Evans Blue Hydraulic Heads Reviews 5

I bought a 14' tom head for a snare drum, 12", 13",16" tom heads for aboout 10-20 dollars a head

they sound awesome when tuned down really low. They are extremely fat, and with the blueness I think it looks really cool. I put a tom on my snare drum and its really loud and all of my friend drummers love it too. These heads are awesome

They are hard to find because they're blue. But special order them

they are awesome i know you're supposed to change them a lot but i've had these for three years and they are still as fat as ever. My snare drum i tune extremely tight so its starting to get a little dead but after 3 years this is awesome

These are the best they have them in clear and black so if you don't like the blueness get the others.

laurathecoconut rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-27.

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