Evans EMAD Clear Bass Drum Batter Head Reviews 5

I first aquired this head at a local music store. It is called main street music and is in tracy, california. Never go to it, it is a ripoff store. Well, anyway, I payed $46 for it, and I was dissapointed with the price, after I found out that I could have gone to guitar center in modesto, and got it for $30, but I didn't want to drive all that way, so I went to the local store.

The best and most obvious feature of it is the interchangable damper rings. They are of varying thicknesses, and are made of a very soft foam material. Anyway, these rings make changing sound very easy and quick. This is very valuable if you are recording, and you need 2 different sounds. Since the flap that holds the rings in place is external, you can change them easily.

There isn't really anything I don't like about the head.

As I said before it is a head with a flap on the outside, which holds 2 different damper rings. However, here, I will go more in depth. It is a single ply, thick head(10mm), with a flap on the outside to hold 1 of 2 damper rings, each affecting the dynamics, volume, projection, attack, and focusness, as well as many more things. As far as the sound goes, it is very, very loud. It has a very boomy, solid attack, with a lot of punch and low end. It added a lot of good to my bass drum. I needed this head. When I play in church, the guitars are turned all the way up, due to the drums being loud. After my 2nd time playing in church, I got a comment afterward that my Kick was very loud, and they could actually hear it across the room when the guitars were playing. That is how I like my bass to sound. If want that sound, get this head.

This head was the best thing that happened to my bass drum. It could be the best thing that happened to yours.

x_drummer2000 rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-03.

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