Evans EQ4 Bassdrum Head Reviews 5

I got this drum head recommended at the local drum festival. I wanted a full bodied, thunderous bass drum sound, and apparently this drum head would be great. I bought it for $29 Canadian.

This is THE drumhead for bass drums. I've never heard my bass drum sound so good! I really like how you dont have to stretch the drumhead before you put it on, because it saves some time. The drumhead also comes with the little patch, so you dont have to buy it extra. I also found it easier to tune than the Remo I had before.

Nothing yet! It sound great!

Built well, sounds great.

I recommend this drumhead 100% to any drummer who is interested in a deep, thunderous sound out of their bass drum. I have a 20" bass drum, and it still sounds great!

Peter rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-04.

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