Evans G1 Coated Heads Reviews 5

The Evans G1 is the very first single ply head I ever played with. For logical reasons, this head is very easily excited and the result is a open, bright and resonant sound. I usually play with double-ply ones, but I tried the G1, because of its qualities, on a recording session. I've also had tried it on a smaller snare sizes (12') and it sounded really great, with presence and definition.

You can find for a price ranging from $14 to $20, depending on sizes.


For the session I used this head in, I had it tuned very low, I would say, the lowest I could get, but still having it musical. I loved the crisp attack I was able to get, even under these circumstances. It also made my snare sound big and resonant, but with a less intense attack. Be aware that if you a heavy hitter, this skin might not last as long as you might desire. Also, if overtones drive you crazy, you might want to go with a double-ply, so you can keep those more in control.

Ten mil coated single ply head. Sold in sizes 10'. 12', 13', 14'.

For those looking for a open and resonant snare sound. This very sensitive head has great tonal qualities.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-06-01.

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