Evans G2 Coated Tom Skins Reviews 4

I bought a 12" and 14" from Rockfactory.co.uk . They managed to deliver them in less than 24hrs because I told them i had a gig that wkend. Fab service. Will use again. 12" - 7.80 , 14" - 9, plus postage.

WOW! I've been using remo pinstripes on my toms since I got my drum kit. And the sound i got was never satisfactory, so much so i was gonna buy a new drum kit in rick sizes, as opposed to my current fusion sizes. But these G2's have saved my drum kit. They sound awesome. Easy to tune, and being coated gives me a darker sound that still has plenty of tone.

Nothin. They're new so i'm not sure how durable they are, but being two-ply i can see them lasting ages.

They feel good on hand, and even better with a stick. Good repsonse, good sound. Can see them lasting months.

Remo have been the bigger name for skins, maybe more so in the UK than the US. So naturally i used them. But now i'm sticking to Evans G2 coated for my toms. If you're having problems with the sound of your toms, eg. too bright (as was my case), these coated skins are the answer.

Cass rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-01.

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