Evans G2 Two Ply Head Reviews 5

I purchase my heads from my local drums store. I prefer buying them at a store because you can look at the head and give it a "No Tune Tap" test, this gives me the chance to makes sure the head wont be overly ringy or dead when it gets on my toms. Thus far I've not found an Evans that I have not liked or more yet has been defective. I paid anywhere from $10.50 - 16.75 depending on the size of the head.

They're strong, hard to break, in fact I've broken more sticks than heads since I started playing Evans. I've had, in the past, the same set of Evans G2's on my toms for 7 months at a time and never put dents in them, just needed to retune them. They have a great dense/dark tone which is great for funk and fusion.

Well...hmm...they have a problem with going out of tune after being played for 5 months or so...WAIT! I never got a Remo to last that long!

The quality is awesome...and they are made like tanks (if drumheads can be built like tanks). They are supposedly never able to come away from the rim (Evans' warantee on their heads is one of the best I've seen).

Get 'em. If you want a strong head with a good tuning range which is yet versatile for a huge variety of styles...these are the heads for you. They respond quick for Two ply heads, and when accompanied by thin resonant heads they speak and get out of the way for fast single stroke rolls. They also have a great bright sustain when paired with thicker Res. Heads.

Chris Jackson - Late Addition rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-16.

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