Evans Hydraulic Glass Drumheads Reviews 4

I bought one for my 12" tom-tom at Music-Go-Round in Orland IL. I paid $10.99, and I bought it because my other head(remo pinstripe) was getting pretty ratty.

I originally bought it because the remo pinstripes I had prior were to unresponsive but I wanted another head with their fat, wet tone. Evans Hydraulics do the job. They have a layer of oil between the two plies that gives it a short sustain with a full, wet tone.

The only con is they are a bit thinner than the pinstripes, and I like really durable heads, because I beat the hell out of them.

Two ply's and a layer of oil between. Comes in either Glass(clear) or Blue.

I am happy with my purchase and as my other heads get banged up, I think I'll start to phase out my Remo Pinstripes for Evans Hydraulics.

Chris Mack rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-20.

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