Evans Hydraulic Heads Reviews 5

i bought my heads through a drum magizine i order from. Drums in the wind. I bought these because i dont like remo's they wear out too fast and dont hold a good sound except for about a month and i needed more. I tried a evans hydraulic and now i'm hooked. They're durable, have a great fat/wet tone and hold a sound for a long time. (i have one on my main tom thats 3 years old and u cant tell its more than a month) they have a layer of oil between the 2 plys which is great, and now my whole set is dressed in them.

i like the tone, its durability, and how long it lasts, and i play hard, and a lot. the only time i bust a head is if i break a stick in a roll and hit another drum before i realize it and cut it with the sharp edge.

i dont have any problems at all.

its a 2 ply head that comes in 4 colors, clear, blue, red, and black. and they are a strong head

overall i would recomend evans over anyother head. and for my bands music, nullify(insert cheep advertising) it sounds great. check us out at http://nullify.fateback.com

Shane-o rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-06.

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