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I'm a drummer. I'm originally from Brazil. I play in a band called Glint.

When you are playing a different club every night, making your drumset going through the harshness of the road and sometimes even relying on the house kits, being able to have your skins in tune as quick as you can be a big life saver. This is one of reasons why, at least I believe, Evans came out with this tuning tool. A ranging price of $20 (online) to $30 (retail) is how much you will pay for this Evans tuning accesory.


Basically it's a very smart concept. You set the little gauge clock, then go around the drum lugs and the key will snap every time you reach the tension preset by the clock.

Unfortunately, this device works better on theory than in practice. Unless you have a brand new kit, where the lugs are perfectly clean and well lubricated, the torque key by itself, becomes a really hard tool to rely entirely on. Again, this is a tuning tool, there are no better tuning devices than your own ears.

Its construction resemble a regular drum key, it just weights a little more because of the plastic made torque part and its tiny metal gauge clock.

In the end, this key can be a really helper for begginners who are still looking to improve their drum key and tuning techniques.

mtebaldi rated this unit 3 on 2010-05-10.

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