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Cables were purchased directly from the manufacturer. http://www.evidenceaudio.com Price is determined by length ranging from $40.00 for a 1.5' cable to $85.00 for a 20' cable

Any one searching to improve you sound will want to look at the impact of quality cables. These cables improve clarity, harmonic content and dynamic range so dramatically that you will be astounded. Cables are every bit as important as high quality instruments and amplification, yet is probably the most overlooked component in the search for great sound. These cables let the true sound of your instrument come through in crystal clear fidelity. Throw away your regular instrument cables.

No Negatives

These cables are constructed with solid, hexagonal, super high-purity copper. They use Neutrikô plugs. For insulation, Lyric cables use an extremely high-density pure copper braid to keep out interference -- in addition, the conductors are wrapped with graphite tape to reduce triboelectric noise (mirophonic noise).

Bottom line is if you want to make a major improvement in your sound without breaking the bank, invest in these quality cables. PS: the owner of the company is a hell of a nice guy.

Jeff Gellis rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-30.

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