Fender Bassman 50 Bass Head Reviews 4

Adirondack Strings, Albany NY. I was just visiting and saw it. Later I brought my 1x12 to hear how it would play [and I liked it and bought it for $255]. It has all new tubes and filter capacitors, so maybe the tone is not "THE original", but I just can't get enough of it. [Too much is not enough here.]

It's not really big [under 2ft wide under 10in high], and not too heavy, and sounds real clean, but much more importantly, it somehow fills the whole place, at low volume setting, with an atmospheric bass, like a scent that fills the room but you don't smell it, you hear it. I've used the same 1x12 cabinet with 3 other heads and never experienced this effect. I've played this same room for 3 yrs with a few different rigs and likewise never experienced this effect. I've only played the Bassman 50 so far twice, with two very different basses [MusicMan and a Godin acoutic] and the effect is there on both nights. The other thing I like is that it has two channels, each with a very different baseline EQ, and both are active simultaneously [no channel selector switch]. This allows me to fully utilized my dual-system [or stereo] modified acoustic ax in the way I've always intended.

It takes 40 minutes for the tubes to reach that magic condition that produces the atmospheric infusion of tone for which I chose this amp. Also, it is now Ms. Diva's favorite in combination with my acoustic stereo bass guitar [where I prefer to play a different ax every night] and of course it's always pointless to argue with a diva.

It's 32 yrs old and the pilot lamp is burned out. Otherwise A-OK. The back is open and one can see four small and two large vacuum tubes plus a single big transformer and some other stuff. Has 2 speaker jacks and requires 4 ohm minimum load. Also has standby switch to keep the tubes idling at break time so you can get your tone back reliably, plus a 3-way ground lift switch. Has 2 channels called "Normal" & "Bass" and each channel has two inputs, treble & bass & volume dials for each. There is a "bright" switch for the "Normal", and a "deep" switch for the "Bass", and these have noticeable effect.

My first tube amp, and yes, now I know that 50 watts tube-style is worth about 150 to 200 watts solid state. But the real deal is that atmospheric bass tone [as described above]. Probably not for headbangers or children under 27yr old.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-14.

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