Fender Bassman 60 Bass Amp Reviews 5

I paid for it about $419 and by the way, I bought it from Estonia[my homecountry and if grammar isn't the best then don't be mad:)] and price was at beginning about $580 and it was the lowest price in Estonia, in other's it would cost darn more... Luckilly my ex-classmates father owns the shop and I got pretty good deal in Estonia.. ordering would cost more than buying there so pretty good deal here, saving money what I need for other stuff.

Good is that it makes pretty much good-quality sound. It doesn't make that annoying sound very much if U turn volume up and with band U doesn't notice it all(and U don't turn volume up also) + you cannot damage it also if something hits it.

First I thought in punk/rock/metal band you cannot play with it, but actually you can:) and if you combine some speakers it's just great.

It's not so heavy as you may thought it is, it's made from really good stuff so no problem with concstruction, quality is pretty good also.

Doesn't cost much, good for smaller gigs and very good for band-practise. Construction is well made, cannot brake it.

Silver Jahimees . a.k.a. Ertai rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-24.

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