Fender Frontman 60W Bass Amp Reviews 5

I brought this amp because i needed an upgrade on my tiny peavy microbass amp. I picked it up for 200 pounds at a small guitar shop called simply guitars. I tried it out in the shop and instantly wanted it.

The actual amp has 2 inputs. One is 60 watts and the other has a much greater output volume, something like 120 watts. You may wonder why but you cant beat two amps in one. This amp has a great selection in sounds including a mid bypass button and the usual Bass Mid and Treble knobs. I played it for hours non stop and it sounded so nice I couldnt stop. I plugged by bass into my small peavy amp and was horrified at the low quality sound compared to the fender.

when i played it in the shop i had the bass plugged into the 60watt input. When i played on it at home i plugged it in to the 120watt input, still having the volume quite high. The next thing I know I have started playing the bass siting in front of my amp and blown my ears out because of the sheer volume of the beast. The only thing I had trouble with.

It also has lots of other inputs so you can plug in stereos etc, you can even have your PS2 sounds coming from it. The front of the amp has a nice silver mesh protecter making this amp look as nice as it sounds. The amp is moderatly heavy but you would expect it with its power.

An amazingly versatile amp that really has an amzing sound. The amp covers all areas of bass playing and a great buy!

Jack rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-04.

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