Fender Rumble Amp 100 Reviews 5

I purchesed this amp for 399.99 from musicians friend in about October.

The amp is a great amp. Dont think cause it's an amp made by fender that it isn't any good. I have never really liked the sound of a fender amp, but i'll tell you what, this amp sounds great. It gets loud too trust me. If your looking to gig and need to play over so really loud drums and guitar. This amp is perfect. Its not complex but not simple, Its for everyone. The amp has a great punch in it for good sound and feel of the bass. The gig lights on the bottom that pulse with the heavey notes you hit are also a very cool gimmic. Great for playing in the dark when your bored. Now too not beat around the bush ill tell you that i love this amp. Im not a pro bassist but i feel like it threw this amp. I bought this amp thinking it would be a decent size decently loud amp. the amp came and was actully pretty big and couldnt turn it up half way up without almost blowing out the windows in my house. It has the cd inputs so you can even plug in a cd player and play with some of your favorite music. All in all this is a good amp.

There isnt really anything i can say i dont like about this amp. Honestly i dont dislike anything about. There could be though stuff added to it. Maybe some side handles for easier moving and for each light to pulse serperatly instead of all at once would be cool. But thats just petty feature stuff, nothing about the sound quality do i dislike.

The metal grill, thick carpeted surface, and oversized corner protectors makes me feel really comfortable moving it from place to place. I dont have to worry about all the little petty nicknacks i get when i hit a wall or step.

I can say it gets loud enough for you to be heard and sound great at the same time. Nothing to really not like about it and straight up, i really enjoy this amp.

DM rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-25.

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