Fender 1971 Music Master Reviews 5

I found this at a pawn shop, the guy didnt know what he was selling so I took advantage of it and bought it for $200usd. With its original case, a cable, a strap and a few picks.

It is awesome. The neck is very fast and it has the best action of any bass or guitar Ive ever played. For a one pickup bass it sounds awesome.

It goes out of tune pretty quick, but it was made in 1971 so its pretty old. It only has four strings, but its a four sting bass so what do you expect?

This machine was built to last, and it has. Ive never played anything as beautifull as this.

If you ever come across this bass, buy it. Once youve played this you will never want to play another bass.

Metal Head rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-16.

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