Fender 1971 Musicmaster Bass Reviews 5

I bought this beaut for just 250 from a way cool music shop in Leicester called Humbucker. Needed a first bass, and when I found out they had this in, I had to go check it out.

It plays like an absolute dream - there is no easier-playing bass guitar available. Apart from playing well, it looks great as well. The shape is far more interesting to the inferior Precision bass, but with the same Fender headstock.

Erm, I dunno. Because mine is 31 years old and looks like it has been played non-stop since it was made, there were a few scratches and dents, and someone had put a new pick-up in. But that's just mine.

Well it is a vintage Fender USA, so I guess it's pretty well made. For so much use, it's bloody well-lasting. Good machine-heads, and all the other malarky.

I was lucky with mine, but if you see one on sale for a reasonable price, try it out - you will fall in love with it!

Billy John(Bonham)son rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-08.

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