Fender 1992 Precision Bass Plus US built Reviews 5

A few friends wanted to start up a band and needed a bass player so I said "OK". Picked it up in a local music store brand new in late 1992. The price was $849. I looked at all the other brands and models but had instantly fallen for this one. I did'nt even have to wait to look at other stores. I bought it on credit and it didn't take long to pay it off. When I took it home all the other guys were there so I brought the Fender hard case in and they just kinds looked at it and one said, heck, that's not a K-mart guitar! So I laid the case on the couch, went to get a beer and let them open it up. The looks on their faces were something else.

It was almost perfectly set up from the beginning. I just had to adjust the neck slightly, no big deal. One thing that has been commented on by owners of non-US made basses is the frets. They always ask who did the work on them...I tell them truthfully that what you see is how they came from Fender. Really like the Fender-Lace pickups, on this bass you got both P-Bass pickups and a single Jazz-Bass pickup, both nice and clean. The brown sunburst finish is still nearly perfect and has possibly gotten better with age. It's gotten a few dents and scratches over the years and I'm sure it will see many more.

The only thing I don't like about it is the plastic hardshell case...it doesn't have a lidded compartment for small things like pics and small tools. I also think the pickguard should have been black, but that's kinda nitpicking stuff. There's really nothing about this instrument I do not like.

Everything was and still is perfect, except now it has a few dings and scratches. I've had not one problem with the electronics. Usually a pot will start getting scratchy after a few years but not on this instrument. When new the finish was flawless and now the only problems with it are from handling and bumps. I'm guessing the finish will last as long as I don't wear it off in the next 40 years.

Don't know about the foreign made Fenders, but the USA ones are tops.

Dave Fortman rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-27.

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