Fender 2002 Jazz Bass Reviews 5

I acquired this bass guiar at a local guitar center, and though it took much hagling and many hours i finaly got my mexican jazz bass. it cost about $330 and i got a case for about $80 more bucks. I always wanted a fender bass and would only settle for one.

This bass guitar is amongsts the best i have ever played and i have played and owned my fair share of basses. its got the punch that you expect to hear from the punchiest active pickups and the low growling end that prehapes a rickenbacker is known for. This is not only the best bass for your buck, but it is prehapes the best passive pickup guitar on the market dispite is little price tag.

thier is nothing i dont like about this guitar. Well actually i am thinking of replacing the bridge eventualy.

this is a finly constructed quality instrument. its a very solid investment.

well, i really hope i win the raffel i am enterd into by submiting this review since i would really enjoy having a stratocaster. but bottom line, this is really the best Bass guitar you can get for your buck, i dont like P-bassis so i cat recomend that one, but as far a J-basses go, this is cream of the crop.

Jeremy Benjamin rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-05.

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