Fender 2004 American Deluxe P-Bass 4 String Reviews 5

I bought this bass from the Bass Centre Melbourne Australia (Best shop in the world). I was planning to buy a bass under $2000AUD but i ended up buying this for $2800AUD (RRP $3300AUD) with hard shell case. I played a musicman sub 5, some spector 5 string and an american fender jazz. then i played the p-bass and loved it.

It looks awesome. It feels awesome. Easy to play. Nice colour (butterscotch blonde). This bass has a maple neck and fretboard which is really fast. It has 3 band eq with many db increase controls. It runs off and 18 volt battery supply. It has a humbucker at the bridge which give the p-bass that rock growl. it has the original p-bass pickup as well. the bass has pickup selecting as well as a through body bridge. I love the playability, sound and looks. This bass is one of the most versatile out there.

The only think i dont like is the pick guard (Easily changed) it is a red type stoney colour kind weird looking. im going to change it to black. Other than that i love this bass.

The construction is what u'd expect. American made fender material. Beautiful finish and really fast neck. American made which adds to the awesome construction. I havent had any flaws with this yet as i have just purchased it.

This bass is extremely good looking, awesome sounding, fast neck, great to play and extremely versatile. Basically this a p-bass that has been beefed up majorly. This thing is a weapon.

Tommy The Cat rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-07.

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