Fender 2005 / 2006 Precision Bass (Mexico) Reviews 4

I started learning bass a little over a year ago, did actually attempt to start learning a few years ago but work commitments got in the way so it never really took off until now. listen to mainly rock/metal and steve harris and geezer butler are my influences.

bought this from reidys music in blackburn for 330 in april 08, bought it coz i always wanted to own a fender precision, ideally i would have liked a usa model but my budget wont stretch that far yet.

looks and sounds amazing even with the stock pickups but will probably upgrade the pickups to better ones at a later date neck is nice and smooth, frets well dressed,the clover leaf tuners are nice and tight so no slippage occurs and stays in tune pretty well, the body which is made of alder is nice and light so no serious issues with standing for a long time, the electronics seem fine, no issues as yet but then i have only owned it a couple of months, the electronics are also sheilded which i thinks a nice touch, no big deal but it all helps.

not really a great deal i dislike about it except i find it to be a fraction on the neck heavy side so get a bit of neck dive, maybe its my cheapo strap,who knows, in my opinion a strap is a strap,and i really cant get my head around people who pay silly money for straps, they all do exactly the same job, regardless of what they cost. oh and i dislike the white scratchplate immensly so i took mine off and resprayed it wine red, i dont like white or black scratchplates at all, the scratchplate issue is really no big deal an can be sorted for very little money.

construction and quality seem spot on, nice tight neck pocket and i love the low action, set up fairly well straight from the factory, i've done nothing to mine and its fine but some people will change the set up to suit their individual needs

A very well built bass which is ideal as an upgrade from your beginners bass, really aimed at intermediate players but could cut it live no problem and its a fender so if your a bass snob who likes the brand names then this is for you.

ashgeezer rated this unit 4 on 2008-06-04.

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