Fender 50th Anniversary 2010 Jazz Bass Reviews 5

Well if this isn't one of the most attractive bass to hit the streets! To celebrate 50 years of the Fender Jazz Bass, Fender compiled the best features of all of their Jazz basses and made one smokin bass. There are only a few of these beauties out there. The bass is candy apple red, a rosewood fretboard and pearloid block inlays.

My local shop got on of these in. The price tag was $1900. It really isn't that bad of a price for being a limited run anniversary model. I did not buy it, but I was allowed to use it for a clinic.

The neck is a dream come true! Very slim with the normal string spacing. The pickups are a little wider spread apart. I believe this is taken from the 70s era of Jazz basses. So you can get that slap funk tone as well as a snotty Geddy Lee like tone.

None at all, Fender got it right with this one!

Beautiful! Candy Apple red finish which is reminiscent of the 60s custom colors. Optional neck pickup cover and bridge cover with the F Fender logo. There is a thumb rest or as some call it a tug bar. I'm not to into them, there more or less get in my way, but I understand some like them and it cosmetically 'says something'

It's like Fender took a time machine back to all the different eras of Jazz Basses and picked the best of the best. Great bass. I'd love to own it, I probably have about 5 hours on the one I demo'd then had to give it back.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-12.

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