Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass (Japanese domestic only model) Reviews 5

Watanabe Music, Kawamachi Dori, Kyoto, Japan. 42,000 Yen ($560Aud) (about $390 US). Was looking for a "different" souvenir to remember Japan by and this hit the nail on the head as well as adding both P & J style sounds to my rig (also have Rickenbacker 4003 and Musicman Stingray 5)

Awesome looks - Gunmetal grey including matching headstock with white binding around the body. Black scratch plate and chrome control cover with matching chrome hardware (including knobs) - pure class. looks as classy as my Rick and better than my MM Stingray. light body (without being toy guitar light) C style slim Jazz neck that is fast. P & J pickups giving both classic and essential Fender sounds Build quality is stunning - almost or as good as American made units

Fender have crap bridges on their basses - not just this model - all of them (hey guys this is the 21 century bridges made out of old tobacco tins don't cut it anymore!). When I can bring my self to customise this I'll have a solid nickel bridge possibly with through the body strings

First rate can not fault it at all except for Fenders standard crappy bridge. Maybe the body is a touch to light for my preferences (but I like the weight of my Rickenbacker so YMMV) but tone wise having put it head to head with an american Jazz and Precision it doesn't seem to comprimise the sound.

briliant sound, awesome looks, great playability and excelent value for money plus it's totally unique my guess Is I will never see another one being giged in Perth or even Australia. If it gets lose/stolen/broken I'll be on the phone to Japan the same day to buy a new one .

Mark rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-18.

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