Fender Aerodyne Limited Edition Reviews 4

I didn't get a chance to buy it it went for about $750 at a local music store. i played this thing for or five times and was testing out several models when i made my decision it was gone so i made a compromise (a good one at that)

P and J pickup combination on a jazz body a pewter finish with a white binding and a black jazz pickguard with all chrome parts. Better than any mexican made fender but not as good as an american so i didn't find it a loss concidering I own a Hot-Rodded american p-bass.

Made in Japan and i don't particularly like adler bodies i waould have bought it on the spot had it been ash or swamp ash. abolonie fret markers would have looked better with the finish instead of white.

It's a fender don't get what i said above wrong (i'm a perfectionist when it comes to what i play) it is made in japan and that said is wonderful for a foiegn made fender and japan is #2 in the wold for their guitars

They don't make it any more and are very rare if i get another chance im picking it up if you see one so should you.

Philip Wind rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-31.

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