Fender American P-Bass 2003 Reviews 5

price: 883.00 sam ash instrument store to be used for recording and practice

it's just solid. consistent through the whole neck. it has one of those sounds that keeps you thinking about it between practice sessions. mine is a sunburst with maple fretboard and has the new s-1 switching. the sunburst and the solid color basses are made of alder. i prefer the sound of alder over ash. some may like ash better. as for the s-1 switching, i doubt i'll ever use it. but if i ever want a change from the traditional p-bass tone, i have the option at my finger tip. if you go somewhere like sam ash make sure and ask for the lowest price they can give you.

I like everthing about it. after much thinking i still can not find a dislike.

mine has a couple of small dents that i know were dealt between the time i found it and the time i gathered the full amount for purchase. i recommend that if you fall in love with an instrument put it on layaway until you can pay the full price.

The bass is perfect. what a bass should sound like. definately worth the money.

Daniel Cohen rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-31.

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