Fender American P-Bass Deluxe Hotrod Reviews 5

I bought this bass about two years ago from Musician's Friend(a wonderful resource, by the way), it was at that time that fender was upgrading all of there american made guitars, thus phasing out the old models. one of the "old" models was what i was able to buy... and WHAT a buy! the price i paid was $595- for an american made guitar! the bass i sold in order to upgrade to this one was a dean edge4, a very large upgrade!

i love it in so many ways. it has a very stunning appearance with sunset orange transparent and a brown shell pickguard. the pickups are what make it great! warm punchy and that fender sound that has drivin' the bus for 50 years! the sound versatility is just great with a pbass split coil and jazzbass bipoll pickups. and i need to mention that the neck is the smoothest i have EVER run my hand across!

the bass is slightly on the heavy side, but i think that the heft of the thing just adds to the playing experience.

outstanding... not one flaw, cosmetic or otherwise. a real gem.

the fender company is one you can trust. i am a true believer in that. every time i strap on my fender i think "there is no other bass i would rather play." and that is the honest truth. i have heard many a pro say that "a fender is a MAN'S bass."... i tend to agree.

Axel Thiele, bass player /lead singer for christian rock band Security rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-31.

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