Fender American P-Bass S-1 Reviews 5

I bought this at Long & Mcquades Toronto. I paid the full price 1500 cdn. I bought this bass because its Fender. I could of bought a Music Man but ( I wouldn't be happy in the long run). my influences are playing countryish rock punk with some ska and the sound of this bass will cover all needs. This is the ultimate no-nonsense bass no fancy bells and whistles just pure play ability and tone! plug in and play , plug in and play .

KILLER PASSIVE TONE! Classic tone that you hear throughout alot of contemporary music. The playability really exellent (although the music man has a faster neck), once you start playing this bass and a combination of tone this bass was meant to be in your hands.

With the bass being a translucent stain I find my bass is getting scratched where my belt is Ive put a laminate to protect it . I had to set up the bass althought originaly it's not that bad other than that no problems

The bass itself is sunset orange and has a beautiful grain. The body is made out of ash and is strung through and I my god does this bass ever quiver. And Oh god the sound of this bass very articulate mid bass punch that cuts through the mix. I've come to realize that active bass are overated and this Pups in my bass are loud and and will suprise alot of disbelivers. With some tweeking a suprising amount of tones especially with the S-1 switch. As far as to describe the S-1 I find it condenses the the sound and is somewhat thin but can be compensated through your amp. It definetly cuts out some unwanted highs. Ive always wondered about the Mark Hoppus bass why would you only have a volume nob? wouldnt having only the volume knob be prone to unwanted string noise? you have to control it to a degree. Do not be fooled the Fender American is worlds away from it other quality subsideries.

In my opinion Ibanez is good for the right now look at some of the reviews here. If you want a Rocker that last forever fork over the cash for this bass, especialy with it having a graphite enforced neck. This bass will show why Fender has a great tradition

Boone rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-12.

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