Fender American Precision Bass (2005) Reviews 5

I play mostly punk, rock, funk and I would like to eventually play jazz.

Acquired at Guitar Center in San Jose for $1000. The reason why I chose to buy a Fender P-Bass is that most of the bands/bassists I love play a Fender (Rush, Sting, Peppers, Green Day, U2, etc). Then, there was only one way to go in order to get the sound I wanted, it was to buy a Fender.

First, it is built like a tank, it is not fragile at all. I love the fit and finish. Mine is black, with 3 ply black pick guard and maple fretboard. The instrument is gorgeous! And even if you beat it up and scratch it, it looks good. Also, unlike many basses, it sounds good no matter which amp/cab you play through. That is amazing! The neck not only looks fantastic, but it feels awesome in your hand too. Not too big, not too small, not sticky yet not slipery either. Very easy to use: One volume and one tone knob, nothing else needed. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of the instrument. Love the huge traditional headstock and keys.

Seriously, I would not change/add anything. This instrument was ''hot'' decades ago, it is still ''hot'' and still will be in decades. Only thing I did not like was the stock strings. I canged them for GHS Flea Boomers and what a difference!! I could not believe my ears!


I would buy another one in a heart beat if I had to replace it.

Twinner rated this unit 5 on 2007-12-26.

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