Fender American Standard P-Bass Reviews 5

I purchased this bass off of E-bay, my first E-bay purchase. I paid $512 for the bass (new) w/hard case. I wanted a step up from my old bass. I love this bass. I play in an oldies/blues combo and wanted that vintage sound.

First off - I love this bass. The sound is wonderful. I was concerned about the slightly thicker neck (1 5/8" at nut compared to my old bass which was 1 1/2" at nut) but I find it actually more comfortable to play. It is a beautiful bass - white ash w/ tortoise shell pick guard. I love this bass.

Only negative I have is the volume and tone knobs are not that smooth turning. Not that big of a deal. If one were looking for a bass with lots of different sounds, this would not be that bass. My p-bass has the sound I want with some variation depending on the treble and your plucking finger location (or pick). But I really love this bass.

Other than the knobs I would have to say it's built like a tank. The tunning pegs are very smooth. I changed to flat strings and did my own set-up when I bought the bass. Very simple to do, I just followed the instructions that came with it and pick-up adjustment, truss rod, string height and intonation all took about an hour. Easy to work on bass.

This P-bass is built solid, easy to play , sounds fantastic and looks great! Did I mention that I love this bass?

Lee rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-17.

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