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I paid $250 for this pack new at the 2003 Jacksonville International Guitar Show. I wanted a bass to add to my guitar collection and a good solid instrument to learn on.

I liked the package because it was an all-in-one beginner setup. It included the Squire P-Bass, the Frontman 15B practice amp, a strap, quality cable, and instructional video. This is the 20th Anniversary package and is a little nicer amp and hardware than normally advertised. The hardware on the guitar is top notch and the amp includes an aux in for CD/Drum machine connection.

This is a nice package, but two things do stand out. The guitar is fairly heavy when playing for extended periods of time. I have acquired a used Fender Mexican Standard Bass and it is considerably lighter. Also, the amp gets some distortion when kicked up much above mid volume. This can be cleaned up some by cutting the bass knob down a little and the amp has enough punch at mid to lower volume for practicing that you shouldn't have to turn it up much higher.

The guitar is very solid and should last many years of playing. The hardware is as good as I have seen on the more expensive models. The pickup gives a good clean punchy sound. The tuners stay in tune and have no slippage that I have noticed. The cable is a good quality Fender cable and I have had no problems with it. The amp is well constructed and has a lot of punch and kick for a 15 watter. I has the black face cosmetics and silver grill. It has one input, volume, 3-band eq, an aux in and a headphone jack for late night practice.

This is a great little starter system for a beginner and the guitar is of the quality that anyone needing a great budget guitar would not be disappointed. This is a great value for the price and it's a Fender. What more could you say?

PurpleStrat rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-06.

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